Servants of God's Presence
Servants of God’s Presence
Sr Josette´s vows



The for­ma­tion of the Servants of God’s Presence starts with the posu­lancy which can last between six months and two years. The can­di­dates are sent in one of the houses to dis­cover the reality of a Servant’s life. An expe­ri­enced member of the com­mu­nity will edu­cate her and guide her.


The novi­tiate lasts two years. During the first year the novices live in Flassans-sur-Issole (Var, France) and they receive a human and spir­i­tual for­ma­tion. They will be intro­duced to the speci­ficity of the con­se­crated life. They may ben­efit from common ses­sions with the mem­bers of the year of spir­i­tu­ality of the Molokaï Fraternity. They will also make an expe­ri­ence of silence and of con­tem­pla­tive life.
During the second year of novi­tiate, each novice will be given to live where it will be best for her to com­plete her human as well as spir­i­tual edu­ca­tion.

Academic Formation

Each sister will study at least two years of Philosophy and Theology and this as much as pos­sible during the time of her first vows.

Ongoing Formation

The sis­ters will carry on with their foma­tion through Lectio Divina and the study of the Magisterium. They will be able to par­tic­i­pate in for­ma­tion ses­sions and to study texts and authors that are points of ref­er­ences for the charism of com­pas­sion. The weekly school of com­mu­nity is also a help to deepen the charism and to judge ones own expe­ri­ence in an always deeper way.
However the Servants of God’s Presence are first called to be fas­ci­nated by God, by reality, by every­thing they encounter. The pas­sion for every­thing is also a way to learn.

"Thus it will be impor­tant that all con­se­crated per­sons be formed in the freedom to learn throughout life, in every age and season, in every human ambient and con­text, from every person and every cul­ture open to be taught by any frag­ment of truth and beauty found around them. But above all they must learn to be formed by everyday life, by their own com­mu­nity, by their brothers and sis­ters, by everyday things, ordi­nary and extraor­di­nary, by prayer and by apos­tolic fatigue, in joy and in suf­fering, until the moment of death." (Starting Afresh From Christ §15, Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)

The novitiate house in Flassans (France) Formation during the chapter (May 2008) Prostration of profess sisters Aurelie, postulant, taking part in the activities with the children, (...)
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