Servants of God's Presence
Servants of God’s Presence

Servants of God’s Presence

To Spread the Gospel of Compassion and to answer the one and same thirst of each man: the thirst for a Presence.

As mem­bers of the Ecclesial Movement Heart’s Home, the Servants of God’s Presence are willing to live every aspect of reli­gious life according to the charism of Compassion. They take the Virgin Mary – standing at the foot of the cross - as their model.

Their pres­ence reminds us that God has not aban­doned his people. He is “with us”.

"Man is worth so much to God that he him­self became man [...]. Hence in all human suf­fering we are joined by one who expe­ri­ences and car­ries that suf­fering with us; hence con­so­latio is pre­sent in all suf­fering, the con­so­la­tion of God’s com­pas­sionate love - and so the star of hope rises." Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi §39

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