• 2 March 2010
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20 years of Heart’s Home

Rev. Thierry de Roucy

This year is a spe­cial year for our Family as we cel­e­brate HH 20th anniver­sary. Since then HH has come a long way: houses were opened in many places in the world, many young people were sent to mis­sion, HH was called to be pre­sent in many sur­prising and unex­pected places.

What can we say in front of all this? That we expe­ri­ence at every moment God’s Mercy and Compassion. And that it is Christ who, using our fragile humanity, com­forts and con­soles, He is the One who is truly with the one suf­fering. What an amazing Love that remains with us, in the midst of us, as the One who serves.

Sr María Belén

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